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7 Days to Die Alpha 17 Amazing Working CCTV in GAME with vedui42

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????️ Out shopping for a security system? Well Xyth has you covered! A great way to keep an eye on your base even from a central control room, while you work in the forge, craft in the workbench or concoct new things in the chemistry station!

This CCTV system comes complete with 8 cameras, small and large, able to pan or not, and two sizes of security screens (large and small) to suit your base!

???? https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?95707-Xyth-s-A17-Modlet-Collection&p=880243&viewfull=1#post880243

???? https://github.com/7D2D/A17Mods

Looking for the Video player Guide? -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m9evliDzrg&list=PL5Z54hiemOAvaGeK8_3lOCst40s5vFYak

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Alpha 17 videos!

Electricity Guide - Basic ???? https://youtu.be/OnCIaohOFpA
Build - Max Loot XP Base ???? https://youtu.be/uXlCQ0fh4ao
REDUX Build Elevated Pillar Base ???? https://youtu.be/hCX6X-LYdm8
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New Zombie AI a17.1 vs bases ???? https://youtu.be/GXa-C-034Tg
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Jayick's Firearms Modlet ???? https://youtu.be/gRhZxx10umA
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BUILD Ramped Up Melee Base ???? https://youtu.be/NHFdd_byJ28
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FAILED Melee Circle Base ???? https://youtu.be/0DKbbYFRzp0
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Gun Crafting ???? https://youtu.be/_PZasu1o_aU
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Motorcycle ???? https://youtu.be/nfTE3r42NGY
AI - Breaking Supports! ???? https://youtu.be/7hRSoVDCy4E
AI - Digging Zombies! ???? https://youtu.be/gw31qgCHCgs
Gyrocopter! ???? https://youtu.be/24cWy7CI638
HowTo Install ???? https://youtu.be/WtxtWpT9KaQ

Video Playlists:

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Advanced Electricity Tutorial???? https://youtu.be/ES7-hS8XfiE
Basic Electricity Tutorial???? https://youtu.be/bhQTyTA4wpU
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Build Start Day 7 Base???? https://youtu.be/4ZhD0PIUdVU
Build Advanced Cop Trap???? https://youtu.be/Cv3uUqRj1Xc
Server Management 7D2D RAT Tutorial???? https://youtu.be/Xbs9QamwGTQ
Build the Best Horde Base Ever???? https://youtu.be/xnjiedAjQ6k

HowTo install War of the Walkers and 7D2D Mod Launcher???? https://youtu.be/vN9hr_ol-uE

Backup and Restore your world save???? https://youtu.be/D8cvhAYf6-U
Simple Dedicated Server Install and Setup???? https://youtu.be/JdikGI1wbvI

Hatch Elevator ft. bonus bikeavato???? https://youtu.be/wzewq8KCZGU

Auto Turret Tutorial???? https://youtu.be/ZOsWkJ_MRYw

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