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7 Days to Die Alpha 17 | BUILD SAFE Floaty Pillar base Concept! @Vedui42

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We explore the use of floating pillars for use in base building for 7 Days to Die Alpha 17! With the AI changing, block strength changing, zombie block damage changing, it can be a challenge to construct a big base which can last even through updates and not require a total rework.

This is my start of exploring some "alternate" ways of base building, using legit blocks, but in ways that could be seen to be "using" the Zombie AI nonetheless.

We use iron sheets to make the pillars "float", which reduces zombie targeting, and we also push them far apart to further reduce zombie inclination to attacking them!

It makes for what looks to be a very safe horde base!

What do you think? Legit, or cheap? Discuss!

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