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CLICK: https://linux-hosts-inc.com

Read why more and more clients from all over the world choose them instead of another hosting provider:

1) The company is considered by many people as the best web hosting choice because they have the lowest cancellation rate of all web hosts. It's 2 percent. This means that two out of every one hundred new subscribers cancel their account within 60 days via the Money back Guarantee. All other hosting providers have much higher cancellation rates of up to 50 percent!

2) You can choose your own data center located in many countries.

3) Migration specialists will transfer your websites at no cost.

4) Let’s Encrypt SSL (Free).

5) Much higher website speeds thanks to SSD and a sophisticated cache.

6) Daily backups of your sites without any work on your part.

7) Protection against hackers by a sophisticated firewall.

8) 24 hours a day and 365 days a year super fast technical support by knowledgeable IT engineers. Support is via e-mail, live-chat and telephone. Average waiting time: email: 5 minutes, live-chat: 1 minute, telephone: no wait time at all.

9) Real unlimited account space.

10) Real unlimited website traffic.

11) Everything is hosted in the Cloud.

12) Up Time Guarantee is 99.9 percent.

13) Thirty days Money Back Guarantee After the end of the free trial.

14) Green web hosting for the full 100%.

15) Accounts are activated instantly so there's no waiting time.

Website: https://linux-hosts-inc.com

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