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Get forex free signals from this indicator+ live trading

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----------------------------Telegram channel ---------------------
the link to download the indicator https://t.me/easyFX4u/1811

best broker link https://goo.gl/14wbYM
broker review https://youtu.be/IcEBk48pTSQ


-------------- -----------------our service ------------------------------------
we have copy trading if u don't know what's that watch this video to see how work's forex copy trading live

???????? copy trading INFO ????✅????
U need to know that we use a very good program that’s when i trade he copy my trades on your mt4 automatically
it copy my trades from any broker
and you control the lot of the trades u can fix the lot and that’s really good thing & we don't have free trail
we make from 1300 pips???????? to 1600pips???????? a month
we makefrom 300pips to 400pips a week
payment methowds ✅✅ SKRILL ???? BTC ???? neteller how u can copy me ????????
1- when u pay I send you a video it’s how to set up the copy indicator in ur mt4 make sure that u follow all the step’s that I hav show u in the video .
2- when u done and u set up the EA in ur mt4 and u hav followed all the step’s the program will work
3- all u need to do is stay online u can use VPS '' we have a video in youtube how to buy a cheap vps 7$ a month
5- your equity if u want to make a good profit min 400$ or Moor ……..good equity 1000$
I post the result of every day trading trades in telegram + weekly result
Price to join ✅✅ 1 month 50$
???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????
if u want to talk to me https://t.me/EasyForex4u

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