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Attention Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that are ready to TRANSFORM their business and start CRUSHING IT! Are you ready to scale your business to a minimum of 6 figures per year and then kick it up to 7 figures? These are two very different business models and in my 1:1 Coaching we focus on 6 figures first and then take you to the next level to really CRUSH IT!

I invite you to join me in the 1:1 Business Coaching & Mentoring with me for the next 12 months and the best part, you only pay for 1 month and receive the remaining 11 months for FREE.

To ensure that you really move the needle in your business and CRUSH IT, I am including the following invitation for you to join "The 6 to 7 Figure Experience with Victoria Garlick" for FREE. You receive the following ALL FOR FREE FOR THE NEXT 12 MONTHS:

???? Unlimited instant access to ALL 6 to 7 Figure curated courses, including our best-selling courses:

More Clients Implementation Program, 6 to 7
Figure Copywriting and Triple Your Business (value $8,997).
Every course has an actionable, step-by-step framework, that is repeatable, and you can apply to your own business right away.

???? The “6 to 7 MASTERMIND”

Join me and our elite 6 to 7 Business MasterMind Community, as we implement proven strategies and advanced business techniques for your business. Discover the exact marketing methods, funnels and advanced business strategies. No more guess work or wasting time and money on under-performing advertising and marketing. The 6 to 7 MasterMind is a premier group of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs dedicated to mastering the art of Business Growth and making the next 12 months the BEST YET. (value $25,000)

????1 x Landing Page (with opt-in done for you) built for you as soon as you join (value $2,900)

???? Unlimited support by our in-house Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Web Designer, Funnel Builder and team of talented VA’s (value, priceless)

???? Member-only events and experiences. You will get invited to all bespoke events and experiences, both online and offline – globally (value, priceless). Best part, EVERY event and experience you will only pay half price for. You won’t ever pay full price. *Including our New York City 2020 Global Experience.

The entire 6 to 7 figure experience is designed to get you to 6 figures
first and then move the needle in your business to scale to 7 figures. We work TOGETHER for the next 12 months, it is all about co-creation.

All you pay is $1,000 for the 1 month of Business Coaching and Mentoring with me and the rest is ALL FREE. My goal is to work with you to TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS over the next 12 months.

Do not delay, book here and let's jump on our first strategy session today and get STARTED. As soon as you book, please call me or text me on 0404 021 303 (Sydney, Australia) and we will begin TODAY.



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