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How to Create Free Edu Email Address l Unlimited Google Drive Storage 100% Working

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creat edu email link: http://bit.ly/2Hl7aLM

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Students EduMail Benefits

Hey Guys, I am posting ” Students EDU Mail Benefits ” . This List Will Update on Regular Basis. If You Have any Other Benefit of EDU providr us in comment of Our youtube video

1. Amazon Student Pack

When you use a .EDU email account and sign up for Amazon Student account – you will be able to use Amazon Prime for free for six months, which has many benefits:

Free TWO-DAY shipping on Almost All Amazon products.
Get unlimited instant streaming of movies, TV shows, and music.
Exclusive Student Only Deals.
Unlimited Cloud storage with Amazon Prime Photos.
2. LastPass

LastPass offers six months of the LastPass Premium for any users with a .EDU email address.

3. Newegg Premier

Grab one year of Newegg Premier that costs you $50. Just sign up Newegg Premier account with your student email account.


Many software and apps are available through Autodesk.com for students. Simply sign up an account with your .EDU email address and then just download them for free.

5. GitHub Student Developer Pack

( GitHub Student Pack Need Verification )

The first and biggest benefit of having a .EDU email address is the GitHub Student Developer Pack, the best free developer tools, and services for students. This student pack comes with 12 great offers and free services that may be useful to you, such as $15 Amazon AWS coupon, $50 Digital Ocean coupon and much more.

Reote Dexop : 122279

Take a look at the list below:

$15 Amazon AWS coupon
$50 Digital Ocean coupon. It will be expired within 12 months after adding to your account – new account only.
Bitnami: Offers the Business 3 plan for one year that typically cost $49 per month.
Crowdflower: access to the Crowdflower platform.
DNSimple: Offers the Personal hosted DNS plan for two years that typically charge $5 per month.
GitHub: Offers unlimited private repositories while you are a student. Normally, GitHub charges $7 per month.
$25 credit of HackHands, a live programming help that available 24/7.
A suite of Microsoft Azure cloud servicesand developer tools: Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Community and the rest of Microsoft developer tools, while you are a student.
NameCheap.com: Offer one year .ME domain name registration that costs $18.99 per year – and one year SSL certificate that costs $10 per year.
Orchestrate: Access to the Developer account that costs $49 per month, while you are a student. It’s a complete database portfolio, includes search, time-series events, geolocation, and graph queries through an API.
SendGrid: Offers the Student plan with 15,000 free emails per month, while you are a student.
Travis CI: Access the Private builds that charge you $69 per month, while you are a student.
6. Microsoft 365 Lifetime

(All MS Office tools like Word, Excel, Teams, Stream, One Drive with higher storage etc) free for a lifetime which costs more than $50 yearly. You have to Signup Here to claim your free offer. Must use the new account to register. Sync your data over your computer, tablet or mobile. It’s very easy to auto backup and sync all data you select.

7. Google Drive Unlimited Storage

EDU Mails Provide Unlimited Google Drive Storage. Just Login To Gmail & Go to your Drive

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